There are many different forms of transport in Vietnam, and hopefully you'll get to experience most of them during your time there. We'll arrange the longer transfers between cities for you, linking the modules together with transport options we feel best suit your individual trip. We actively encourage people to travel by local transport in Vietnam, as we feel this makes your trip a more authentic experience. It also has the added benefit of being a very cost effective way of traveling.


We have all types of modern & luxury automobile which could satisfy any demands for any distance and also in any cities in Vietnam.






Taking the train in Vietnam is a great way to get a true taste of local life.Spend time watching the beautiful countryside pass you by, whilst gently rocking to the rhythm of the tracks.


There is a railway line running from North to South which stops at nearly all of the main sights along the way. For overnight trips we book air conditioned soft sleepers in shared 4 berth compartments. If you would prefer a little privacy, just ask one of our travel specialists to book the whole couchette for you.

Please bear in mind that Vietnam is still a developing country and its train system cannot yet be compared to that of Thailand, and facilities are quite basic. The beds are wide enough, but for tall westerners they're a fraction on the short side.




To maximize your time in Vietnam it might be necessary for us to arrange one or more internal flights within your Travel Plan.

As the roads in Vietnam are not as developed in other areas of South East Asia, it can take a long time to cover relatively small distances by road. Flight transport in Vietnam offers you the chance to do in one hour what might take the best part of a day by a bus or car. So where time is factor, a quick and good value internal flight is the best option.

Flight schedule changes are an unfortunate occurrence, and happen from time to time and which we have no control over. We'll keep you up to date before you leave, but once there our local agents will do their best to solve any problems you experience.